Community Affairs, Safety, Health, Environment And Security (CASHES)

Raybond Technical Ltd. Our mission is to nurture and sustain a highly technically oriented business, through accepting responsibilities that can lead to the contribution in knowledge, skills, accomplishments, satisfactions, and efforts to the society. Management is committed to nurturing and sustaining the health, safety and security of her staff, equipment and environment. To accomplish this, management must make sure that:

  • We develop safe work methods, and make them appealing to employees.
  • All equipment, tools and machines are maintained and are in good conditions.
  • Encourage and develop a good relationship with our host communities
  • Be committed to the nurturing and preservation of our environment.

Management is committed to nurture and sustain SAFETY, Employees and visitors should realize that accident is a proof of a wasteful operation that destroys the corporation mission. The company also recognizes the hazardous nature of its operations – both construction and non construction related and the adverse consequences of its failure to observe, check and control or completely eliminate the acts and conditions that could result in accidents or incidents.