1. The GHM GROUP is one of the top names for high-quality industrial sensors, with a broadly diversified assortment for virtually every implementation area. Our customers can solve multi-sensing tasks using GHM GROUP as a one-stop-shop. No need to work with 4 or 5 specialized suppliers if you can get everything from a broadly specialized supplier and not only with very short lead-times but even at a good price-performance ratio and at first- class quality, Made in Germany. With extensive know-how we develop and manufacture high-quality products meeting market needs for a broad spectrum of applications. Moreover, with our expertise we can adapt our products quickly and efficiently to individual requirements and applications. The globalization of the 21st century poses incredible challenges for commercial enterprises throughout the world. However, this development also offers promising opportunities. In the last few decades, it has been precisely the global trends that have developed into innovation drivers. GHM GROUP is a player in this dynamic market development. As a medium-sized enterprise we specialize in implementing these trends in marketable products and solutions faster than many others.As in literally all segments of industry in the measurement and control sector, the highest level of quality and outstanding service is required. In this regard, the innovation cycles are becoming shorter and shorter – implementation of new requirements must occur at an ever-faster pace. Our management has met this challenge with a consistent and dedicated strategy.

At our six center of competence more than 40 experienced specialists bring their know-how from the respective areas of expertise into multidisciplinary teams that quickly and flexibly develop precisely those products or adaptations that meet the requirements of our customers.

Competence Center

  • Greisinger
  • Honsberg
  • Martens
  • Imtron
  • Delta OHM

Our Offering

Industrial sensors play an essential role in highly technical processes. They can see, they can hear and feel, they capture measured values and convert them into signals that can be further processed in order to monitor and control complex processes and entire factories. Sensors and electronics are an indispensable part of economic life today. Sensors and measuring technology are the sensory organs of modern production. To not only sharpen them, but also adapt them to rapidly changing production cycles, is one of the most important challenges for efficient industrial production. GHM GROUP supplies your production with innovative measuring systems that get down to business with precision and with unusual speed. Thus, we offer possibilities that can significantly reduce tooling times in production. Our modular measurement systems do reduce it as they allow the use of various types of sensors for the determination of any required measuring parameters. They are easy to integrate into your already existing systems. The uncomplicated administration of measuring data results in significant saving potentials and increase economic efficiency of your production. Use these saving potentials by high integration capacity and flexibility of our systems for a smooth change in your company.