It is the policy of RAYBOND TECHNICAL LIMITED to always ensure ethics training on Code of Conduct: In carrying out their duties, staff shall adhere to the following code of conduct:

All RAYBOND staff shall be dealt with in an equitable and business-like manner The law and international regulations shall be fully complied with;

Any unlawful act is unacceptable, whatever the justification. Good motives are not an excuse for committing illegal acts;

Company staff should reject any practice which is, or might reasonably be deemed to be, improper;

Staff are obliged to declare any potential, as well as actual, conflict of interest; All matters concerned with contracting activities shall be treated as confidential.

Raybond management shall always ensure that her staffs are continuously trained on work ethics.


Discipline Number Average Years of Experience
Project Managers 7 13
Project Engineers 12 4
Admin Manager 2 9
Civil / Structural Engineers 4 14
Cost Estimator 2 5
CAD Operator 3 4
Electrical Engineers 4 10
Technicians 5 8
Mechanical / Piping Engineers 6 9
Safety officers 3 4
QA/QC 2 7