It is the company policy of RAYBOND that customers be provided with products fit for purpose and comprising components, sub-assemblies and control systems that
comply with or exceed the defined contractual requirements with regard to technical specifications, reliability and quality standards.
To achieve these aims, the Company has established and maintains a quality system, which conforms to the requirements of International Standard ISO 9001 and other applicable standards in the course of our operations.
The Company requires that:

  • Personnel work in accordance with the Quality Manual, procedures,
    Standards and work Instructions.
  • All contractual activities are planned, controlled and documented in systematic manner in accordance with the Quality Plan for each project.
  • Records will be maintained to substantiate the control applied throughout each operation carried out by the company so as to provide evidence of the quality levels achieved.

The Quality Assurance Manager manages the Raybond Technical Ltd Quality Programme and to maintain and implement all the measures necessary to conform to the relevant standard.