HEKO Ketten GmbH

About HEKO Ketten GmbH

HEKO Ketten GmbH produces round steel chains and accessories for bulk material conveyors in Wickede since 1917.

HEKO is one of the leading manufacturers of hardened chains for bucket elevators and chain conveyors since decades – worldwide.

HEKO is market leader for heat resistant kiln chains.

HEKO offers its hardening technology combined with most progressive systems as a service to its pretentious customers in various branches.

HEKO Ketten GmbH produces high wear resistant components for bulk material conveyors. The trade mark HEKO is a worldwide synonym for quality and service since decades.

HEKO has developed from a manufacturer of different chains as snow chains and anchor chains to a specialist for solutions concerning bulk material conveyors.

HEKO clients are for example companies in the cement industries, coal power stations, incinerating plants, the paper industries, artificial manure plants, food industries, chemical industries and general machinery industries.

HEKO runs an export office in China, an export office in Baden Württemberg, and has got representatives in more than 40 countries and clients in more than 80 countries.

HEKO employs a total of approximately 100 motivated and experienced employees.

The production program is consisting of round steel chains, bucket and scraper attachments, chain wheels, buckets and shafts as well as complete return and tensioning units for bucket elevators and chain conveyors and heat resistant ring kiln chains for rotary kilns. We are always interested to develop and optimise problem solutions in co-operation with our customers to find out a most economic bulk material conveying system for our customers.